Complete home transformation with simultaneous projects

July 27, 2023

Do you consider home improvement projects such as loft conversions, extensions and refurbishments as separate projects? If so, you’re with the majority of homeowners. However, there are several compelling reasons why carrying out all three projects at the same time can be highly advantageous, so let’s look at those pros:

Comprehensive and cohesive home transformation

By combining a loft conversion, extension, and refurbishment, you can create a seamless flow throughout your entire home: design elements, materials, and finishes can be carefully coordinated, ensuring a harmonious and consistent look and feel. You’re also mitigating the risk of disjointed styles and inconsistencies that may occur when projects are completed separately.

Save both time and money

Undertaking projects simultaneously, means contractors can work in synergy, shortening project timelines. Additionally, bulk purchasing of materials for multiple projects can contribute to cost savings. Consolidating the works also minimises disruption to your daily life, as all the major renovations are completed in a single phase.

Structural enhancements and space optimisation

You can significantly increase the overall flow and square footage of your property if you carry out a loft conversion and an extension. Providing valuable additional living space, the loft could come in handy when accommodating guests or you may find it’s the perfect spot for that long-desired home office. Growing families can never have enough space, and in Cube’s experience open-plan living designs offer huge benefits such as allowing parents to keep an eye on and interact with their little ones in a safe, inclusive living environment.

Existing areas of your home are upgraded

Incorporating a refurbishment alongside these expansions ensures that the existing areas of your home are upgraded and brought up to the same high standard as the new spaces. Outdated or worn-out elements such as electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, flooring and insulation can be replaced, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your entire home.

Efficient future-proofing of your property

It’s a good opportunity to consider your longer-term needs to ultimately incorporate sustainable design features, energy-efficient systems, and smart home technologies. You can create a home that is not only beautiful and functional today but also adaptable to changing requirements and environmentally friendly in years to come.

Taking this integrated approach, enables you to achieve your desired outcome more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a truly transformed and enhanced property of increased value. In conclusion, a comprehensive approach to your home improvement project offers numerous benefits. It allows for a cohesive and harmonious transformation, optimising time frames and spend, maximising how space is used, upgrading existing areas, and future-proofing your home. 


Sometimes it’s hard to look past the dust and inconvenience that come with a home makeover, so we’ve gathered a handful of Cube projects that show why the dreaded disruption of a total transformation is worth it:


Property type: terraced house
Project works: refurbishment, side extension and loft conversion

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Property type: detached Victorian house
Project works: refurbishment, wrap-around extension and piggyback loft conversion

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Property type: two-storey house
Project works: refurbishment, extension and loft conversion

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Property type: semi-detached house
Project works: refurbishment, wrap-around extension and loft conversion

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