Coronavirus (Covid-19) Working on Site Policy

Cube are committed to protecting the health and safety of the workers, workers families, our supply chain, clients, and the public. We will therefore take the following into account whilst working on site:

  • Prior to commencement of the project a risk assessment will be prepared and in agreement with the client agree a plan where possible to isolate the building works i.e. separate entrance for the build team
  • If either the client or the builder becomes unwell they have a responsibility to inform each other so that the risk of spreading the virus can be minimised
  • Any worker with Covid 19 symptoms will immediately leave the site
  • All workers to be made aware of our Coronavirus Policy
  • The Government’s recommendation of keeping two metres apart should be applied stringently. All reasonable measures will be made to achieve this, however we know that it is not possible for some tasks to be carried out whilst observing this rule, for example, lifting a heavy window frame. Whenever this is the case, any time spent closer than two metres will be kept to the minimum and personal protective equipment (PPE), will be provided to provide a level of protection
  • Portaloo and hand-washing facilities will be provided
  • Encourage frequent hand-washing and surface cleaning
  • We will contact neighbours and inform them that building work is being carried out in accordance with official guidance on safe operations
  • We will communicate as much as possible with clients via phone, email and video call, in order to minimise meetings and all face-to-face contact, including any signing of documents or provision of certificates
  • We will consider split shift patterns or compartmentalising sites between identified crews of workers to minimise physical proximity between workers
  • Maintain social distancing when accepting deliveries, for example by requesting electronic copies of delivery notes
  • Workers should use individual modes of transport, travelling to sites alone using their own transport or if there is no option but to travel together the journey should be with the same individuals. We encourage maintaining good ventilation, for example keeping car windows open.