Cube’s spotlight on… a rear extension in Hampton Hill

June 21, 2023

How many times have you thought to yourself: “I’d love to step inside that house and have a little look around”? Well, it’s a very natural tendency and has inspired us to share some great insights (literally!) into transformed homes from our end-to-end service portfolio of projects.

Our first ever ‘spotlight on’ blog is here to dive deeper into a remarkable rear extension project and walk through the steps we took.

Property info
Detached house in Hampton Hill 

What renovation work was carried out?
We built a sympathetic rear extension to accommodate a stunning open-plan kitchen dining area with a walk-in pantry. By partially reconfiguring the existing ground floor we created space for a large utility and tiled shower room. Adding a cobbled courtyard and building stepped access down to a freshly landscaped garden gave the project a real sense of completion.


Ever heard of a sympathetic extension to the rear? You’re looking right at one. This type of extension is a beautiful way to add to your square footage as it matches the existing architecture and materials, making it feel as if it had always been there.

We’re peeking into the kitchen diner extension through a large picture window which works an absolute treat as we’ve combined it with modern slim-framed sliding doors, a Crittall-style glass door and large Velux windows installed within the pitched roof.

Yasmin Messervy, Sales Executive at Urban & Grey adds: “With the minimal site lines at only 20mm we were able to maximise the amount of glass and pair it with the stunning interior. The doors enable the client to really enjoy their beautiful home’s stunning interiors, practicalities and entertaining space.”

The end result is a fantastic open-plan kitchen and dining area that one would love to spend time in any day of the year as it’s light and warm all year round, even in the winter months courtesy of lovely underfloor heating.


As soon as we started working on this extension, we were determined to incorporate maximum light into our overall design plans. We carefully positioned Velux skylights which meant we could embrace natural light coming in from above, creating an open and airy feel. Standing inside this space you can’t help taking in those lovely views and feel how the Velux skylights bathe it in warm light.

rear extension in Hampton Hill

“Working with Cube means you’ve got the design, planning and build expertise you need to make the most of your home’s potential all under one roof.”


Modern meets contemporary in this kitchen diner which is flooded with daylight from either side of the extension. Yasmin Messervy notes: “Our slim sliding doors work so well for this space as they frame the garden, bring the outside in and maximise the floor space both internally and externally. As the doors consist of 94% glass with minimal aluminium, they create a real ‘wow factor’ letting the simplicity of the space speak for itself.”

This project photograph also nicely captures how important a decent layout is. Light and views on either side complement each other and mean our client can enjoy the courtyard and landscaped garden vista alike. 

rear extension in Hampton Hill


And again… light coming into this open-plan kitchen from every angle! 

“This is such a strong window and door combination as it balances the modern with traditional – the Crittall-style doors add depth and character alongside the sleek modern sliding doors. Both of these door options are incredibly slim which enables us to easily create wonderful spaces like this as they match each other beautifully together. You can see how these doors really do open up the space allowing it to be used to the full extent. The Crittall-style doors also provide easy and practical everyday use whilst the sliding doors allow for entertaining by merging the indoors and patio area”, says Yasmin Messervy.

rear extension in Hampton Hill


There’s something very pleasing about a walk-in pantry, especially if you like your kitchen to be neatly organised. Easy to access, it’s home to your food, kitchen essentials and appliances helping you keep your kitchen clutter-free whilst preserving your food’s shelf life. Our clients have also added value to their home by accommodating a walk-in pantry as it’s a desirable feature for many homebuyers.


Our architect saw a lot of potential in the existing ground floor layout so we suggested that our client partially reconfigures it. We utilised the newly gained space to create this tiled shower room. Fitted with a basin, toilet and shower it has everything to keep our clients fresh. This shade of green adds a lovely vigorous touch which is nicely balanced with the bold black tiling providing the shower room with more depth.

rear extension in Hampton Hill


Nice one! When the shower room downstairs is busy, there’s always the upstairs bathroom to retreat to. Our client decided to go green with the tiling which is the on trend colour for bathrooms right now. Green has a nice calming effect and works well with the gold optic brassware, whilst the black and white floor tiles give the space a handsome and striking accent. Thanks to the large Velux skylights every soak feels like heaven on earth.


It’s difficult to know where to look first in this wonderful courtyard which feels like an internal room that’s been transported outside. Light can travel through the surrounding windows and doors, which makes this the ultimate sheltered outdoor spot for tea and coffee breaks, even when it’s breezy. We’ve laid cobble paving as it adds a timeless rustic charm and it’s not just the aesthetics that appeal: cobblestones are known for their strength, durability, slip resistance and drainage qualities which is essential in any courtyard. 

rear extension in Hampton Hill


We’ve also given our client’s garden a new lease of life: slip through the statement sliding doors to enjoy the outdoors from the terrace. Accessing the wider garden is now super easy as we built a couple of steps that lead down to a gravelled area – an alternative outdoor space to relax in. Landscaping the garden meant we could create a harmonious link with the freshly renovated indoors – a stunning finishing touch to the project if we may say so!

rear extension in Hampton Hill

Extension? Refurbishment? Loft conversion? or all at once?

Working with Cube means you’ve got the design, planning and build expertise you need to make the most of your home’s potential all under one roof. 

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