Oh hello, handy home guide!

November 11, 2021

When all the work on your home improvement project is done and dusted, we’ll leave you in peace to enjoy your new space. But we wouldn’t be Cube if we hadn’t thought of a little keepsake for your home – a guide to your new space.

Like most new things, a home needs to be taken care of and we know through our extensive experience that it’s often easier said than done, especially when there are so many different aspects to consider. Now, that’s where our practical guide comes in: it covers details of your home, advice on how to best maintain it and where relevant instruction manuals for your fitted appliances which you may need to register to validate manufacturers’ guarantees.

We’ve literally prepared all the information you might need for your entire home, including aspects beyond your completed project.

Jane Henden, Marketing Manager at Cube explains that the ‘Guide to your new home’ is great because “it makes life easier if all instructions and guarantees are kept in one place and it’ll really help you look after your new home.”

No doubt, the guide will quickly become your ‘go to’ manual for comfort and safety, and prove to be an excellent reference for more detailed information as and when you need it. You can delve into key topics such as:

  • Acclimatisation within your home;
  • External home care;
  • Internal home care;
  • Appliances troubleshooting & warranties;
  • Electricity, water & gas services;
  • Hot water & heating;
  • Home safety & security;
  • Green tips on energy, water & recycling.

For ease of use we’ve highlighted anything that we feel is of particular importance and should be considered essential reading – for example warranty for works & appliances, alterations of roof timbers, joists or walls, fire prevention, safety as well as plenty of useful hints and tips.

At Cube, we’re always looking for ways to go beyond expectations on your extension, conversion or refurbishment project because we pride ourselves on personal service with attention to detail and innovative ideas tailored to you. Choose Cube for your home improvement project and we’ll guide you through the process from start to finish and beyond, courtesy of our brand new ‘Guide to your new home’.