Ready, steady, home gym!

January 4, 2022

New year, new resolutions. For many of us, January is ‘the month’ to stop putting off the pursuit of our fitness goals and to begin achieving the very best version of ourselves by introducing, or re-introducing, some sort of fitness regime into our lives.

The pandemic has well and truly proven that we no longer need gym memberships to get fitter. Cutting out the commute, saving time and monthly gym fees, being free to choose when to exercise and joining that ZOOM class at the last minute – there are undoubtedly many convenient factors that make the home gym a clear winner.

It’s an ABS-olute (pardon the pun!) no brainer for anyone who has the space or potential to jump for it and make that home gym happen. Unsurprisingly water rower sales and subscriptions to Peloton have seen a huge surge in 2021. Even designer Tom Dixon had a lightbulb moment launching some rather stylish dumbbells and our very own Marketing Manager Jane Henden confirms that “The home gym is here to stay. We’ve certainly noticed a shift on the priority list. More and more of our customers are keen to use their own home as a space in which to exercise.”

Whilst restorative practices such as Yoga or Pilates seem more easy to accommodate in your home, you’ll still need to make sure you have enough space to move freely avoiding any potential hazards. Ideally you’ll have a room to retreat to for your exercise but if not Cube have other great ideas as to how you can make your home gym fit for purpose:

Garage gear

Is your car enjoying a parking spot outside your home whilst piles of unwanted stuff is parked in your garage? We’ll leave a good old clear-out to you but let’s explore what a converted garage may look like. Imagine no longer having to set up your mat or props, like weights, every time you exercise. Everything has its place including that smart new rowing machine. No need to worry about playing loud motivational tunes or dropping dumbbells onto the floor as specially designed layers of flooring can comfortably absorb any noise or impact. Our Design Consultants will be on hand with nifty tips such as using air bricks to aid ventilation and also advise you on colour schemes and materials that take your personal preferences into consideration. Stylish home gym – yes, please!

Loft lunging

Ever considered doing those lunges or your Downward-Facing Dog away from everything else, perhaps up in the loft? We’d be very happy to assess void space in an initial free design and feasibility consultation, given not every loft is suitable to be converted into a gym. You will want to make sure it’ll provide enough space and a strong structure to withstand the weight of equipment and yourself working out. If heavy weights or machines up there might be less suitable, your loft could turn into a little sanctuary for more restorative practices like Yoga or Pilates. In any case, carefully consider clever storage to avoid filling up the floor space with equipment. And talking of flooring – wood flooring is often the answer as it’s easy to clean and maintain, especially when your sessions get sweaty. Loft fit – yes, please!

Extension experience

If a house extension was an exercise position, it’d be the plank. You’re looking at an all-rounder option that adds potentially lifestyle changing space and value to your home whilst being cost-effective. Extending your home to accommodate a dream gym gives you the luxury of creating a space that’s tailored to your every fitness need. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space that could be extended over, you may even find yourself doing lengths in your very own pool. A ground floor extension can also easily take the weight of a running machine or heavily-weighted workout sessions. From air conditioning, entertainment systems, to non-slip flooring and glare resistant windows – there’s so much to choose from for your workout wonderland. Exercising your extension – yes, please!

Some tips for making the best moves in your home gym…

Contrasting shades – colour is at the heart of a good workout space. Your choices should help energise and motivate you to train regularly. Block colours on the walls work particularly well when you choose bold shades.

Flattering lighting – well considered lighting sets the tone for your workout. Colour ambiance bulbs are more atmospheric than standard light bulbs and can sit behind a frame or painting on your wall. Just switch them on for your HIIT class and you’ll feel as if you’re back at the gym.

Powerful accessories – if you’re opting for an extension or loft conversion to accommodate your home gym, use some wall space for a decent size mirror. It’ll be a great asset to check and correct your posture and make your workout space appear bigger too. Moveable storage is also a nice feature as you can quickly gather your equipment to store inside and then push it out the way ready for that zero-gear full body workout.

Energising equipment – once everything in the new space is fresh and decorated, your old trusty dumbbell weights may well look tired. Invest in new, easy to clean and perhaps more sustainable get fit kit. We bet you it’ll be more fun and get you moving!

Ready when you are…

Join the club of happy Cube customers! There are no joining fees or hidden costs at all, just a friendly team to get the ball rolling for an initial free design and feasibility consultation. And if a home gym just isn’t for you, we’re here to advise you from start to finish on any other home improvement projects on your list.

Hit your home goals