Thinking of selling? Let your home’s features do the talking!

February 16, 2024

Traditionally, the arrival of spring and longer days tends to trigger home selling plans in many of us. Recent research by Rightmove revealed that the best time of the year to sell is March when the most properties are listed for sale.

You may not be thinking of selling your home just yet but it’s really worth knowing what home improvements could drive a quicker sale and potentially a better price. Even if you’re not looking to sell, you can use our suggestions to make your home better. So, does your home have the desired features potential buyers are looking for? Let’s find out!


Inside, it’s all about functional additions…

Cloakrooms calling

Believe it or not, a downstairs toilet is right at the top of the home buyer’s shopping list. Tucking it under the stairs is often the best solution, unless you’re able to extend your home. Positioning the toilet between a new extension and existing house within an additional utility or laundry room however is guaranteed to gain you extra brownie selling points.

Built-in storage sells

“I have enough storage!” nobody ever said! Built-in storage is a real hit with potential buyers, keeping floor space clear and the home clutter-free. Shelving and wardrobe units help zoning your home whereas building them into nooks or alcoves adds a touch of quirkiness. You’ll score extra on the seller’s leaderboard if you add built-in storage to open-plan space as buyers can visualise more easily how they might use the area in the future. 

Bathroom bliss bonus

As ‘me time’ continues to go from strength to strength, potential buyers put huge emphasis on the bathroom. Ideally shower and bath are separate, as seen here in this dreamy Claygate bathroom, to clearly divide out function and rest. If space comes at a premium, just a shower is preferable rather than one that’s positioned over a bath as this is often perceived as old-fashioned and may have a negative impact on buying decisions. In any case make your bathroom as ‘SPA’ and ‘ZEN’ as you can to increase your chances of sealing a good deal if you intend to sell.

Double glazing goes

Not as obvious as other highly desired features, but trust us, double-glazed windows are the unsung hero when it comes to home features. They insulate, reduce noise, help keeping energy bills at bay and could make all the difference when selling your home. Changing single-glazed windows is often considered a real hassle and an expensive task that could easily put off prospective buyers.  

Underfloor heating hits

On a cold, dark morning there’s nothing more comforting than stepping out of bed or the bath and feeling warm floors beneath your feet. No need to sell this idea to anyone – being able to enjoy underfloor heating yourself or offering it to potential buyers makes everyone a winner.

Kitchen islands impress

Long gone are the days when kitchens used to be hidden in basements or distant wings. Cooking is now on show and the kitchen is seen as the best place to socialise and eat, and it’s the room that often swings a buyer’s decision. Kitchen islands are a must have though if you have the space! It’ll be worth adding one or if your existing kitchen island has seen better days, a fresh lick of paint will do wonders.

(Faux) marble mesmerizes

Interestingly, buyers are keen on marble kitchen work surfaces. We can’t quite put our finger on it: is it in part due to how hard they work in our homes, how Instagrammable they are, or perhaps both? We’re certain though that it’s advisable to install a more practical surface alternative such as quartz or composite. They look the part but are far less prone to stains, scratches and are generally easier to maintain. You may find some useful pointers in our blog ‘How to avoid the kitchen worktop flop’.

White windows win

Talking about a quick win: it’s oh so simple to achieve and definitely something buyers won’t even know they’re looking for until they’re missing: white window frames. Give both indoor and outdoor window frames a fresh coat of satisfyingly clean, white paint for a mini facelift and to make the space appear bigger. 


You might be surprised to see how much you can do externally to win over potential buyers: 

Security systems score

Alarms, security cameras and smart doorbells are all worth investing in as they’ll add an invaluable value to your home, aka feeling secure and reassured. Systems are smart and often easily fitted. You’ll secure another tick on the potential buyer’s list without going through too much hassle or spend. 

Bi-fold doors delight

Who doesn’t love bi-fold doors? We find that new homeowners particularly like to add them to connect the indoors with outdoors. If you’ve already installed bi-fold doors they could potentially tip the balance to your advantage when selling. Crittall-style bi-folds are very much en vogue but any minimal or gentle industrial style can work just as well.

Love lawn

Trimming back hedges and making sure your lawn looks its best can be done fairly cheaply and will make a huge difference to your potential buyers’ first overall impression. Keeping your garden neat and tidy acts as a clean canvas for buyers to imagine how they might landscape or use the outdoor space. It’s also peace of mind for them as they don’t have to worry about the potential expense of the upkeep or removal of busy, overgrown planting.

Paved patios please

Ideally, buyers just get it all: a lush, grassy lawn as well as a lovely paved patio for al fresco dining and home workouts. You get the idea.

Outdoor lighting luxury

Spending time in your own outdoor space is a lovely thing, especially when it offers ambient lighting, either powered by solar or mains, that comes on when the darkness draws in. It offers a little something extra that’ll achieve bonus points when you’re selling.

Decking desired

And there’s one more garden-centred feature that’s popular with young professionals looking for low maintenance outdoor space and families alike: decking. To deck or not to deck? You may know your potential buyer audience best but if you’re not looking to sell you may still fancy decking for your own enjoyment.  

End-to-end services

We recognise that there may well be some other features that potential buyers of your home could be looking for and that’s why we’re virtually just around the corner to chat to you over the phone, via ZOOM or email and explore what work your home needs to get the ‘sell factor’.

Cube offers a fully bespoke end-to-end service which means your home improvement project is in safe hands as we manage it from design through to build completion.

Happy where you are but you could do with more room? Speak to our award-winning team who’d be delighted to talk you through extension , loft conversion and refurbishment options:

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